Updated Journal Guidelines

We have updated our journal guidelines. All manuscripts submitted from July 4, 2020 must comply with these updated guidelines. Before you submit, please make sure your manuscript fulfills all requirements. Submissions that do not comply with the current guidelines will be sent back to authors; only complete manuscripts will be sent to peer review.

You may contact our Peer-Review Manager, Edmund Ong, by sending an email to: edmundong@asianjo.com.

Troubleshooting login access

If you are experiencing login issues, please contact Silvia Sanchez Di Martino at silvia.sanchezdm@kuglerpublications.com

E-mails and notifications from our journal sometimes fall into spam/junk folders, so make sure to check the folder and add us to your address list.

Manuscript submissions will be processed exclusively online

From 2019, our journal will be accepting manuscripts exclusively submitted online through the Asian Journal of Ophthalmology website.